Wednesday, 6 July 2005 - 12:01pm |
National News

Police appeal for public help to locate clothes after discovery of body

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North Shore Police are asking the public for assistance to locate the clothes of a man who was found dead just north of Castor Bay Beach on Monday morning.

Detective Constable John Gilbert of the Takapuna CIB says, "At this stage there is no evidence of foul play, but the 45 year old man's clothing and possessions have not been located."

Police are asking people from Milford to Campbell Bay to be on the lookout for the property. "The clothing and possessions may be on the beach or on a nearby property and we would ask anyone who has seen the items to please contact the Takapuna CIB," says Detective Const Gilbert.

Police are also asking for private contractors who may collect material from the area to look out for the items.

The clothing consists of a blue long sleeved collared shirt, new blue jeans, brown boat shoes, a nokia cell phone and a wallet with contents.

Anyone who may have seen the items can contact the Takapuna CIB on 488 6200.