Wednesday, 5 October 2005 - 9:01pm |
National News

Operation Lucy - Police Seek Camera

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Police investigating the murder of female German hitch hiker Ms Birgit Brauer, say they believe there is one key item missing from her personal belongings that were inside two backpacks.

The two packs were discovered by Police three days ago at Lake Rotokare, in South Taranaki.

Detective Senior Sergeant Grant Coward, the man heading Operation Lucy, says police believe that the item of property that is missing is her digital camera.

"The camera is a Canon model, and could be 4.0 mega pixels - similar to the 3.2 mega pixels as displayed in the attached photo."

"Similarly the Power Shot component could be A85 - 200 digital similar to the item pictured which is an A75."

"If anyone has knowledge of the whereabouts of this camera, or has been approached to purchase it, or has had contact with a person who is seeking to sell it, or has even possibly found it, Police want to hear," said Mr Coward.

"Police understand that the media already have an image of Birgit Brauer holding the camera and this image is provided also for media assistance," he said

A forensic examination is being carried out on all the items that were in the two backpacks.