Friday, 3 February 2006 - 12:01pm |

Unfortunately- being a good samaritan doesn't always pay

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An elderly woman in Waltham found to her cost last week that being a good samaritan doesn't always pay.

The 72 year old found a young woman knocking in her door at 8pm last Friday night, 27 January, asking if she could use the phone.

She was pregnant, she explained to the woman and needed to get some help as her car had broken down. She also asked to use the toilet.

When she had gone the woman found her purse and cell phone had been taken.

Senior Constable Dave Brunton says if the young woman has had success with this ploy she is highly likely to try it again.

"Unfortunately it is not always advisable to be a good samaritan," he says. "Especially when you do not know the person. You can always offer to make the phone call for them."

The `distressed woman' is described as european, dirty, thin with dirty blondish hair.

Anyone who has any information or a similar experience is asked to contact Senior Constable Brunton at Sydenham Police.