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2009 Calendar Year: Marlborough Area Crime Statistics

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Police report a 9 percent rise in recorded crime in Marlborough in the 2009 calendar year, up from 5,417 recorded offences in 2008 to 5,908 in 2009. The resolution rate has increased from 58.2 percent to 65.0 percent over the same period, well above the national average of 47.8 percent.

The rise in total recorded crime has been driven almost entirely by the increase in Drugs and Anti-Social offences which rose by 444 offences.

There were 11 percent more recorded Violence offences in 2009 than in 2008, driven mainly by increases in Minor Assaults (+53 offences) and Intimidation and Threats (+32 offences) offences.

Marlborough Police Area Commander, Inspector Steve Caldwell said the increase in violence can be largely attributed to an increase in reported Family Violence.

"The increased reporting we see as a positive thing and this reflects well on our case management of Family Violence with our key community partners of Women’s Refuge, Child Youth & Family Services and Probation." Inspector Caldwell said.

"We take Family Violence seriously and take appropriate enforcement action against the perpetrators and at the same time put in place safety measures for the victims of Family Violence - both women and children.

Factors dominating the rise in recorded Drugs and Antisocial offences are Cannabis offences (+238 offences), Disorder offences (+141 offences), and Breach of liquor ban offences (+65 offences).

Recorded Dishonesty offences dropped 7 percent in 2009. This was driven by Theft (-98), Car Conversion (-37 offences), and Burglary (-36 offences) offences.

"The Police have concentrated their efforts in targeting drug dealers and users in our community and the pressure we have placed on those people has seen a decrease in our Dishonesty offences," said Inspector Caldwell.

There are more offences of Property Damage (+68 offences), Property Abuse (+43 offences) and Administrative (+20 offences) in 2009 than in 2008.

"The increase in Property Damage is largely due to people having the confidence to report these types of crime and Police catching the offenders.

"The 65 percent Crime Clearance Rate is an outstanding reflection on the dedication of local Police Officers working closely with their community partners to keep our community safe," said Inspector Caldwell.


Media enquiries should be referred to Area Commander, Inspector Steve Caldwell on 03 577 2921 or 027 436 4685.

Full details of the 2009 crime statistics are available at