Monday, 3 April 2006 - 10:00am |
National News

Reported Crime on North Shore Down in 2005

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North Shore Police are pleased to announce that reported crime in the area, fell nearly 4 per cent during the past calendar year 2005.

Acting Area Commander Inspector Les Paterson, says on the back of reductions over the past two years, this continuation is an encouraging trend.

"This 3.8 per cent reduction in overall offences has occurred mainly in the areas of high volume crime, as we have concentrated our resources in this area, and the investment appears to be paying off," he said.

"North Shore Police are also continuing to put substantial resources into reducing the incidents of family violence, and now have dedicated team of four officers in the Family Violence Team."

"While drug offences have reduced, Inspector Paterson warns the use of methamphetamine has a direct link with high volume crime, with drug users having to commit offences to fund their drug habit."

"North Shore Police intend targeting organised crime, including those involved in the manufacture, distribution and consumption of methamphetamine over the coming year," Inspector Paterson said.

"Of concern to the North Shore Police is an increase in serious violence and sexual attacks from last year. A number of initiatives have been put in place to try to reverse this trend, including increasing the focus on liquor licensing enforcement," he said.

"The year ahead is full of challenges for the North Shore Police, and the Community. Population growth will continue to put pressure on Police resources, and demand for services is expected to increase as a result."

"We also look forward to moving into the new North Shore Policing Centre in Mairangi Bay in June 2006, and the benefits that it will bring in terms of improved emergency response times, and management of our business processes."

"In September 2005, the North Shore City Council ran an extensive community survey, in which five of the survey questions related to crime and safety. The result was that over 70 per cent of North Shore citizens did not feel their or their property, or their personal safety, was at any significant risk."

"This result was reassuring, however it also provides an opportunity for North Shore Police to give additional reassurance to the remainder of the community," said Inspector Paterson.

"North Shore is part of a wider Policing District that includes Waitakere, Rodney and Auckland Metro Road policing."

"The NSWR Police District had a 0.2 per cent reduction in recorded crime in the past calendar year, and it is also pleasing to note that the rate of crime resolution remains at a consistently high level."

"North Shore continues to be one of the safest cities in New Zealand, and I am proud of the result achieved by all our Police staff, along with the ongoing help we constantly receive from the community," he said.