Wednesday, 19 April 2006 - 5:59pm |

Hit and run driver sought

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Police are seeking a driver and vehicle which were involved in a hit and run incident this afternoon. At about 1.20pm a black Nissan Skyline was driven out of Tancred Street into a station wagon being driven by an elderly man on Hereford Street.

The 85 year old man was only moderately injured but very badly shaken. The Nissan was driven off at speed with out the driver ascertaining how the other driver was. The crash was not the elderly man's fault.

The black Nissan took off at speed down Tancred St, left into Cashel Street and possibly into the Bordesley Street area.

The Nissan already had a smashed windscreen, and damage to the right side. It possibly has lowered or modified suspension.

It will now have considerable damage to the left side.

There were two male occupants; the driver was wearing a black beanie while the passenger had short hair and was wearing dark clothing.

Police would like to identify the vehicle and the driver. Any one with information is asked to contact Sergeant Moira KINCAID, Strategic Traffic Unit, phone 363 7400.