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"Do the right thing" - a message from Kylee Guy

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Police investigating the Scott Guy Homicide in Feilding have received a heartfelt message from Kylee Guy pleading for information as the holiday period looms.

Kylee Guy, the widow of Scott Guy, is with the couple's two little boys approaching family milestones and a first Christmas without a loving husband and father.

Her heartfelt message is:

"This is my opportunity to thank all the compassionate people of New Zealand who have sent myself and our boys the truly touching letters and gifts; and to thank my beautiful family, friends and police for your support. You have all touched me and I am eternally grateful for everything you have said and done.

Hunter is now getting ready for Christmas and is so excited that Santa is coming. Knowing Scotty is not going to be there to watch our son open his presents and share the joy that will be on his face, is the most heartbreaking of all. Hunter still thinks Daddy is coming home. He talks about him all the time and every night he always says "love you my daddy" and blows him kisses.

Drover is so beautiful. He is now three months old and is a blueprint of his father. Scotty would be so so proud of himself for creating such a perfect little man.

On Tuesday, 21 December, Scott would have been 32 years old. We always had a party for him, and he used to love being the birthday boy. He will no longer feel that joy again and that destroys me.

Our sixth wedding anniversary in January is going to be undescribable. I just wish Scotty could come home so I can hear his voice, feel his warm cuddles and his unconditional love. I ask him everyday to come home, but I know that this isn't possible.

In living this nightmare, we are taking each day as it comes. The hole without Scotty is deep and dark - emotionally, physically and financially. I know he would be so upset to see the boys and myself having to deal with this. I've lost my best friend, husband and the father of our two little boys. Scotty would just want to be here to make us happy and to make everything ok.

It is beyond belief that there is someone out there who has committed such a foul and cowardly act. How can you get up every morning and go about your day with the murder of my husband and our children's father on your conscience. How is that possible?

My appeal to you is to do the right and decent thing. Confess to what you have done. I also beg anyone who knows who the person is, or who has information about what happened, to tell the police. Then justice can be done.

This would go a long way in helping us to slowly heal from the open wound in our life. For my family's sake, especially Hunter and Drover, please don’t let this hurt my children anymore than it already has. Please do what is right."

Detective Inspector Sue Schwalger, head of the homicide investigation team, says this is an especially difficult time of year for the Guy family with both Scott's birthday and Christmas coming in the same week.

"We have 23 people investigating Scott's murder. We remain as focused and motivated as ever to find the person responsible."

Detective Inspector Schwalger said that there is still a large amount of information to be tested and examined.

"I would like to remind those persons who may still be holding on to information that they may not view as significant to come forward."

To speak to a member of the police investigation team, contact 0800 808 585. Alternatively information can be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


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