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Crashes down but care still needed during this holiday

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In the first three days of the holiday period there has been a 22% reduction in crashes reported to Police for the three year period since Christmas 2008. Alongside this there has also been 10% fewer calls to Police where people have been ringing in about poor driving. (numbers below)

Superintendent Paula Rose, National Manager Road Policing, says both of these are good signs that overall travel behaviour is improving and that things are becoming a bit safer.

The holiday road toll stands at three with two woman and one man having lost their lives on the roads already this holiday period.

"While weather conditions have been good for most of the country until now, much of the country has been hit with bad weather today." says Superintendent Rose.

"This makes driving more difficult and road users are urged to plan your route carefully, make sure you and your vehicle are up to the trip, take frequent breaks and exercise patience on the network.

"For those of you towing trailers, using motorbikes or driving high sided vehicles, high winds in exposed areas will impact on your control of the vehicle meaning your safety and the safety of others. Consider the route and whether you need to travel. Follow any cautionary travel signs.

"Take care on our roads, we want every journey to be a safe journey for everyone."


Numbers from 4.00pm 24th Dec - midnight 27th Dec

Unsafe driver calls
2010: 2051
2009: 2132
2008: 2289

2010: 372
2009: 390
2008: 477

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