Wednesday, 5 January 2011 - 3:36pm |
National News

Pike River temperatures continue to fluctuate

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Temperatures being measured from inside Pike River coal mine continue to fluctuate and Police are focusing on establishing more testing points in order to assess conditions further inside the mine.

Operation Commander, Superintendent Gary Knowles said today temperatures recorded at the slimline shaft over the past week had fluctuated by more than 100 degrees.

"We've seen temperatures in the 30s, The temperature is far from stable and we've still got the issue of gas underground."

" The temperature of the mine is only one indication in terms of safety and re-entry."

Superintendent Knowles said methane readings were still fluctuating and further bore holes were required to get an accurate picture of what the atmosphere was like further inside the mine.

"We're working to get more drilling done and also working towards grouting the area around the slimline shaft."

Both drilling and grouting are weather dependent.

Superintendent Knowles reiterated that it would be some time before mine was considered safe enough for re-entry if at all.

"As I've said all along, we are not going to risk further lives to stage a re-entry. Safety of the crews working at the mine remains paramount."