Monday, 2 October 2006 - 11:29am |
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North Shore Police Release Fiscal Year 2005/2006 Crime Statistics

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The Acting Area Commander says the past financial year 2005/2006 has been relatively unremarkable in terms of crime and road trauma in the North Shore area.

In the 2005/2006 financial year ending 30 June 2006, there were a total of 14,175 recorded offences, compared to 13,762 for the previous year. The Area solved 45.2% of these crimes.

Inspector Gary Davey, said, "After a notable reduction recorded in previous years, the 2005/2006 fiscal year has seen a minor rise of 3% in recorded crime. This comes on the back of a 20% crime reduction over the past three years, so it's still a very pleasing result for us."

"With the Shore's residential status on track for further growth and a particularly low crime rate per 10,000 population, there is still wide public acceptance that we are the safest metropolitan city in New Zealand," he said.

'Policing on the North Shore has however changed dramatically. The new Policing Centre has been a catalyst in this change. New deployment methods and a focus on addressing specific community issues are among the issues influencing local Policing.'

'The last decade has seen declining crime levels as an international trend, but many people are still concerned about the everyday problems such as disorder, and these issues must continue to be addressed.'

North Shore Police concerns include the 9.4% increase in dishonesty offences. We are now working hard in the areas of burglary and vehicle crime to turn this trend around.

Police are working closely with the community to address specific issues. Some examples include the Safer Northcote Project which Prime Minister recently visited, Operation Hammer Two targeting well known offenders, and relationships with the local community groups concerned about recurring activity of boy racers.

When releasing data such as these financial year outcomes there are always noticeable percentage swings in crime types with a low incidence. Police ask that notice is taken of offences, not just of the percentage of movement.

Some offence categories worthy of comment include the increase in non - cannabis drug offending. This has been a steady pattern relating to the switch to "P" as the drug of choice. Where previously we found cannabis butts, now we find traces of methamphetamine in people's pockets.

North Shore Police are especially pleased to report an overall drop in violence offences of 2.8%. The offences of disorderly behaviour have reduced from 898 recorded offences in 2004/05 to 832 in 2005/2006. North Shore Police have focused on those public places where disorder occurs, plus a strong focus on liquor licensing enforcement.

There were three road fatalities recorded on North Shore. While one death on the road is one too many, three is still a very low figure for a city of this size.

We are all fully committed to further increasing the level of trust and confidence the community has in the Police so that we can deliver a 21st Century policing model that better meets the needs of all citizens.