Tuesday, 18 January 2011 - 4:34pm |

Drift trikes pose road safety danger on hill suburbs

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Christchurch Police are concerned at the antics of drift-trike riders on the residential hill suburbs above Christchurch.

Senior Sergeant Glenn Nalder says Police have received a number of complaints about the vehicles from residents in Huntsbury and neighbouring areas over the past few months.

"We're very concerned about the dangers to the riders and to other road users," he says. "Drift-trike riders take their lives in their hands and there's a risk that sooner or later one of these riders will suffer serious injury or death."

There have been reports of the trikes travelling downhill at speed, often on the wrong side of the road, and often at night.

There is also a significant annoyance factor for residents, Senior Sergeant Nalder says, as the machines can be very noisy.

Drift trikes are classed as a vehicle under the Land Transport Act. If they are used on the road they must keep left and obey relevant road rules. "Riders need to remember that they have responsibilities as road users and that when they put their own safety and that of other road users at risk Police will take action.

"Offences committed on a drift trike may also put the rider's car license at risk of disqualification."

Senior Sergeant Nalder says complaints are received about drift trikes in the hill suburbs most weekends.

"Police are keeping a close watch on this activity and will be visiting areas where drift-trikes are in action.

"We encourage people to report drift-trike activity. We will respond to these complaints and take enforcement action against drift-trike riders if need be."


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