Monday, 21 February 2011 - 3:03pm |

Church building gutted by second arson attack

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A church in Feilding has been targeted by an arsonist for the second time this year.

The hall area at the rear of the Baptist Church on Bowen Street, was first damaged by fire on Thursday, 20 January at approximately 1.45am. A Police investigation has been ongoing since that attack.

Just before 6am this morning Police received reports of a second fire which had been lit in the same spot. Once again fire fighters have managed to prevent it from spreading to the main church building but the hall has been three quarters destroyed and is beyond repair.

Detective David Burmeister said: "It is possible that the same person or group is responsible for both fires. Luckily no-one has been in the building on either occasion, but the situation could have been very different. Someone in the Feilding community must have an idea or suspicion as to who is responsible for these fires and they need to come forward and assist us before someone's life is lost."

Police are appealing for reports on any suspicious behaviour of people on foot, pushbikes or in vehicles, between 5am and 6am this morning in the Bowen Street, Hobson Street or wider Feilding area.

It is known that there were some people out walking and jogging around that time and Police would like anyone who was in the area to come forward to be eliminated from the inquiry.

Anyone with information relevant to this investigation is asked to contact Feilding Police Station on 06 323 6363 or information can be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Media enquiries should be referred to Communications Manager Kim Perks on 027 234 8256.