Saturday, 23 April 2011 - 3:57pm |
National News

Protest boat skipper arrested after ignoring safety warnings

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Police have made one arrest today after a protest boat operating off the East Cape ignored repeated safety instructions. Four protest boats had positioned themselves in a line ahead of the survey ship Orient Explorer. After warnings from Police three of the boats moved away but a fourth remained. The boat deployed buoys and long line fishing lines in the path of the survey ship, causing grave safety concerns for its master. The boat continued to ignore further warnings and as a consequence was boarded by Police. The skipper was arrested under the Maritime Transport act and has been taken to the navy ship Hawea. "This arrest followed a blatant safety breach" said Superintendent Bruce Dunstan. "The protest boats have repeatedly been given clear instructions about how they could continue their action in a safe manner. "It is disappointing that, on this occasion, one has disregarded these instructions and put police in the position of having take action to ensure the safety of all parties. "Police are currently considering charges and it is highly likely they will be laid." said Superintendent Dunstan. The protest boat is currently under the control of its remaining crew members. Monitoring of the protest fleet by Police is continuing. ENDS Contact after hours Police media pager: 026 101 082