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Crime continues to drop in Auckland City District

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Recorded crime has dropped 2.7 percent in the Auckland City Police District in the past year.

Figures released today show that there were 51,589 offences recorded in the 1 July 2010 – 30 June 2011 period, 1420 fewer offences than in the corresponding period last year.

Auckland City’s resident population rose 1.4 percent in the same period and, when this is taken into account, recorded offences for Auckland City District dropped by 4 percent per 10,000 people.

Superintendent George Fraser, Auckland City District Commander, said that the overall crime picture saw murder, serious assaults resulting in injury, public place assaults and robbery all trending down.

Seven homicide or related offences were recorded during the year and all were resolved. Five of these included murder.

Superintendent Fraser credited the reduction in serious assaults, in particular those in public places, to the emphasis in the last year on high visibility of foot patrols, especially in the CBD.

He said that a great deal of work had gone into ensuring the 'hot spots' were identified well in advance and that staff were deployed early in those locations to prevent offences occurring in the first place.

"We continue to focus on those licensed premises and locations that have contributed to public disorder and risk of harm," he said.

Family violence offences also fell by 10.2 percent (349 offences) to 3063.

Superintendent Fraser said Family Violence had been a specific focus throughout the year and the results were encouraging.

"We have had great support from our partner agencies who share our determination to reduce the harm caused to those living in violent or abusive relationships.

"A number of these programmes target those at the highest risk and provide interventions, including the attendance at Court ordered programmes. Supporting those most vulnerable will remain a priority."

Other recorded offences to decline were:

• Acts intended to cause injury fell 6.2 percent or 222 offences to 3,338 offences
• Abduction, harassment and other related offending fell 10.3 percent or 132 offences to 1,153
• Robberies continued to drop – this year 6.7 percent or 33 offences to 462
• Fraud, deception and related offences fell 46.5 percent or 1,011 offences to 1,162.
• Illicit drug offences fell 25.1 percent or 512 offences to 1,527 offences.
• Prohibited and regulated weapons and explosives offences fell 11.9 percent or 65 offences to 483.
• Public Order offences fell 17.4 percent or 900 offences to 4,267. This includes 521 few disorderly conduct offences recorded.
• Offences against Justice related processes also dropped – by 25.5 percent or 453 offences to 1320.
Superintendent Fraser said police remain concerned, however, at the level of recorded sexual assaults – up 23.6 percent or 58 offences to 304.

“We know that these crimes are often under reported so it is hard to gauge whether the increase in offending is more awareness of the importance in reporting crime, or this type of offending is more prevalent.”

He said the reduction in reported fraud is due to a number of contributing factors.

"We continue to see a decline in types of financial transactions that previously may have been exposed to fraudulent activity. For example, there is less and less use of cheques these days and there're improved security systems in the issuing of credit cards and banking systems.

"However, we cannot be complacent. There has been a shift in the type of offending with international credit card scams by either off-shore operators or organised crime groups visiting New Zealand to target local fraud opportunities.

“The Financial Crime Unit from Auckland City District has had some outstanding results in preventing further offending."

Theft and related offences also went up – by 8.5 percent or 1,868 offences. Police believe this was largely driven by thefts of laptops, cellphones, handbags and wallets in Auckland City. Police emphasised the need for people to take steps to ensure such items were not left in places that would increase the likelihood of theft.

Superintendent Fraser emphasised the crime prevention opportunities and identified this to be the area that all can play a part in.

"We have all benefited from the support of many community based groups, including our Maori, Pacific and Ethnic Wardens. Everyone has a role to play in this and the achievement in reducing crime over the past year has come from the contributions of many."


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