Sunday, 10 June 2007 - 3:23pm |

Valuable firearms collection stolen

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A collection of firearms built up over many years has been stolen from a Darfield collector.

Darfield Police say that the 120 pistols, shotguns and revolvers were stolen from a private collection last week. Some of the items are very rare; many are antique and most are unable to be used because of their age.

"We are concerned that the items might end up in the wrong hands or be offered for sale," says Constable David Pitkethley. "They would not be easily 'saleable' either as they would be recognised in collecting circles."

The owner is reported devastated by the theft.

Any one who has any knowledge or who might have been offered these pistols, shotguns and revolvers for sale is asked to contact their nearest police or Darfield Police directly.