Monday, 22 April 2013 - 10:57am |
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Police seek information on missing trampers in Kahurangi National Park

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A search is being launched today for three people reported missing in the Kahurangi National Park in Golden Bay.

The trio set off for a three day tramp on Friday 12 April and were expected to return by Monday 15 April. They were reported missing to Police yesterday, almost a week after their expected return.

Police Search and Rescue Coordinator Sergeant Steve Savage said Police did not know a lot about the people they are looking for, or their experience in the outdoors.

They are believed to be an American male known as "Izzy", possibly Guy Verschuur, an American woman in her 20s whose first name may be Cristin and a Finnish woman, Jenny Rautio, aged 26 years.

Sergeant Savage said the group had left vehicles at either end of their intended route and both those vehicles were still there. They were initially heading towards the Anatoki Forks Hut. Their last known contact with the outside world was via text message on 13 April indicating their intention to be out of the area by Monday 15 April and saying they were aware the weather was deteriorating.

There has been heavy rain in the area since, however searchers say that if they had stuck to their intended route they should have been out days ago.

Two ground search teams will enter the area today. One will go from Anatoki towards Forks Hut and the other will head towards Waingaro via the Killdevil track.

Police are very keen to hear from anyone who has been tramping or mountainbiking in the area since Friday 12 April or anyone who has further information about the missing people.

Contact Nelson Police Ph 5463840.