Wednesday, 3 April 2002 - 1:53pm |
National News

Burglars target North Shore businesses for laptop computers

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North Shore business premises are being targeted by burglars for laptop computers.

Since January this year 63 laptops have been stolen from around the Shore, and police are advising businesses to adopt some security measures to prevent even more being stolen.

As recently as yesterday a 31-year-old, unemployed South Auckland man was arrested after trying to break into a Birkenhead business to take a laptop which was in full view of the street.

Sergeant Rod Fraser, North Shore Burglary Squad asks businesses in the area to ensure that they don’t leave laptops within view, and suggests that they consider security products available such as laptop locking systems.

"These are inexpensive products, under $100, that can be successful in protecting these laptops, which often are worth up to $6,000," he says.

Mr Fraser says that the laptops are being targeted because they are a saleable item and believes that many of the computers are being reprogrammed and sold through newspapers and local drug houses.

He says that the public needs to be cautious when buying cheap 2nd hand laptops because they may be stolen. "It’s a supply and demand situation, if people didn’t buy them there wouldn’t be any burglaries."
Other suggested security precautions include securing the laptops overnight, ensuring that serial numbers are recorded and having access into the laptop controlled by passwords. This often makes the reprogramming of the laptop harder for thieves.

Anyone with information about these burglaries can contact the Takapuna police on 488-6200.