Wednesday, 17 April 2002 - 4:14pm |
National News

Baby Kahu: offender description and media update

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Inquiry oversight

Detective Superintendent Larry Reid, the regional crime head, has assumed overall responsibility for the inquiry.

The investigation is a major one that requires considerable resource and planning. The involvement of Mr Reid frees up other senior staff to oversee critical elements of the investigation.

He is also able to provide important input to other investigations in the Hutt.

We continue to remain open to the possibility that there could be links between the investigations but there is still no evidence to suggest that.

New information: offender description update

Ten thousand fliers are being produced for distribution around the area during the next few days.

The flier contains a picture of baby Kahu and an image of a car similar to the offender’s.

It also contains a more detailed description of the offender that has not previously been released. That description is:

- Male caucasian
- Greying or grey hair
- Approximately 75 kgs
- A spot under his left eye
- Wearing black tight trousers, possibily jeans
- Wearing a dark woollen ski balaclava
- Aged in his late 30s to early 40s
- Approximately 5’ 8" tall
- Bad teeth – possibly one missing
- Wrinkly neck (turkey neck – loose flesh under the jaw)
- Wearing dark leather boots and black leather jacket.

We have continued to work with family members over the past few days to get as much detail as possible about the appearance of the offender.

We’ve still not ruled out the possibility of producing a high quality visual image of the offender’s face.

We continue to urge people with any information that might assist to ring 800 150 499.