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Auckland motorists urged to plan ahead this Labour Day Weekend

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Inspector Scott Webb, Road Policing Manager for Tamaki Makaurau

Attribute to Inspector Scott Webb, Road Policing Manager for Tamaki Makaurau

Plan ahead, wear your safety belt, stay off your phone, don’t drink and drive and prepare for a slow journey are the messages for commuters leaving Auckland this Labour Day Weekend.

Tamaki Makaurau Road Policing Manager Inspector Scott Webb says traffic congestion is going to reach peak levels on Friday and Saturday as motorists leave Auckland for the long weekend.

Police will be highly visible around the Tamaki Makaurau area and ino Northland and Waikato as they target hot spot areas, focusing on high risk driving behaviours including speed enforcement, drug and alcohol testing, cell phone use, and seatbelt checks.

Inspector Webb says three people were killed and eight people were seriously injured on our roads across Tamaki Makaurau during Labour Day Weekend in 2017.

“Tragically this year we’ve already had 47 people die on our roads in Tamaki Makaurau.

“A further 427 people have had life-changing injuries as a result of a crash.

“This equates to a person dying every week and 10 people being seriously injured in Auckland alone.

“The impact for those who suffer significant injuries are often life-altering. It can also have long-lasting effects for the individual’s support network, including close friends and family.”

“We are committed to reducing the number of victims on our roads, but as a community we all have to play our part to reduce the carnage on our roads,” says Inspector Webb.

“Our message to motorists is to make sure you plan ahead this weekend. Ensure you check your vehicle to make sure it’s safe and check your tyre pressures and fluid levels before you leave.

“Be prepared for a slow journey. Congestion is inevitable and impatient driver behaviour, or people getting distracted, will only increase the likelihood of being involved in a crash.

“If you are intending to travel on a lengthy journey, ensure you plan for rest breaks and never start driving without checking that all passengers are wearing their seatbelts.

“Our staff don’t want to meet you at a crash scene on the roads this long weekend, so please do your part by driving to the conditions – which will sometimes mean driving under the speed limit – and watch your following distances,” says Inspector Webb.


Nick Baker/NZ Police

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Inspector Scott Webb, Road Policing Manager for Tamaki Makaurau
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