Thursday, 5 February 2015 - 11:32am |
Counties Manukau

Don’t Leave Your Home or Car Open to Thieves

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Counties Manukau Police ask homeowners and motorists to take simple steps to secure their valuables as burglaries of unsecured homes and thefts from vehicles continue to take place across the District.

Police are responding to reports every day of homes that have been unlawfully entered through doors or windows that are left open – around 23% of residential burglaries in January occurred at insecure premises. 

“While it would be great to be able to leave our homes open and our cars unlocked, there are members of our community who will take advantage of residents who are leaving their belongings vulnerable in this way,” says Counties Manukau District Prevention Manager Inspector Bronwyn Marshall.

Unlocked homes are targeted throughout the District and opportunistic thieves will avoid properties that appear difficult to enter.

“Easy to carry items of value are often targeted such as electronic devices, jewellery, cash and keys. These items fit into pockets or backpacks so are targeted for quick opportunistic crimes,” says Inspector Marshall.  “We advise all homeowners to ensure that ranchsliders, windows and doors are secured at night, including sheds and garages, to help prevent a burglary occuring in your home. 

“Items such as cellphones, laptops, handbags and car keys should be kept out of view, secured and well away from open windows and doors at any time.”

Police are also advising motorists to remember to avoid leaving any items in view when they leave their car.

“Cellphones, wallets, GPS devices, bags, purses, laptops or anything else of value should not be left in the car while it is unattended.  It is best to take these items with you, however if you can’t do that then secure them out of sight when you leave your car,” says Inspector Marshall. “Car crime tends to be a fast, opportunistic crime: when items of value are left in clear view or a car is left unlocked then it makes that car a more desirable target to a thief.”

Police are working hard to target high-risk locations and offenders to prevent property crime and are continuing to achieve positive results. 

“While crime in our District has trended downward over the last few years, we need our community to play their part to prevent these types of crimes from occurring.  We can all reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime by protecting our valuables as best we can.”

Police would also like to remind members of the public to call 111 when they see any suspicious activity occur. 

“We are aware that there have been occasions where members of the public have located a stranger on their property but Police have not been called because the suspicious person has then fled the scene.  It is vitally important for us to hear about this as soon as possible so we can respond and hopefully prevent any further crime from occurring,” says Inspector Marshall. 

“Call 111 when you see anything suspicious happening anywhere, anytime.”


Issued by Kimberley Mathews/Communications Manager, Counties Manukau Police
09 263 2702
021 192 0717