Saturday, 14 January 2017 - 5:46pm |

Fire in Wither Hills, Blenheim

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Police are asking residents of Wither Hills, Blenheim, to prepare for possible evacuations due to a vegetation fire near the river that runs parallel to Taylor Pass Road.

Police have set up the following cordons:

  • Woodmor Road,
  • Wither and Taylor Pass Road intersection,
  • Forest Park Drive and Taylor Pass Road intersection,
  • And the bike track entrance on Taylor Pass Road

Traffic is restricted from passing these cordons.

The fire is on the riverbank, west of Taylor Pass Road and adjacent to the Forest Park and Taylor Pass roads intersection.

There is a strong south-easterly wind which is blowing the fire towards some homes. It is also causing some spot fires to start.

Police are aware that there are some walkers in the Wither Hills walking tracks and are entering the tracks to bring them out.

If anyone is aware of someone who is currently walking in the Wither Hills tracks, Police ask you make contact with them and tell them to leave the walking tracks immediately.

Police ask people to avoid the area until further notice.


Issued by Police Media Centre.