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Five people involved in Hastings crash lucky to survive

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Car involved in Ormond Street crash

Five people involved in a crash on Ormond Road in Hastings this afternoon were fortunate to escape with their lives, according to police staff who attended.

The single vehicle crash occurred at the end of Ormond Road, near the Ngaruroro River, and was reported to Police at around 3.30pm.

“The five occupants of the car were very lucky to have only suffered moderate to serious injuries,” says Acting Senior Sergeant Darren Pritchard from Hawke’s Bay Road Policing.

“Initial enquiries into the crash have established that almost every factor known to contribute to fatal crashes was involved – including speed, alcohol, and seatbelts not being worn.”

“From what we know so far, we can advise the car was travelling at high speed prior to the crash. The driver lost control and the car rolled several times.”

“At least one of the passengers was ejected from the car in the crash.”

All five occupants of the car- aged 14-27 - have been hospitalised – two with serious injuries and three with moderate injuries.

“I’m also incredibly disappointed that those involved in the crash assaulted police and ambulance staff who responded to the crash and were trying to help them,” says Acting Senior Sergeant Pritchard. 

“There is absolutely no excuse for such behaviour.”


Issued by Police Media Centre. 

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Car involved in Ormond Street crash
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