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Further CCTV images relating to Invercargill assault to feature on Ten 7 Aotearoa tonight

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Safe speed camera van

Police investigating an assault on a safe speed camera operator in Invercargill are making a fresh appeal for information on Ten 7 Aotearoa tonight (Thursday 19 May).

On the evening of Friday 29 April, the operator of a safe speed camera was assaulted while on duty in a van on Dee Street.

The back window of the van they were in was smashed, and the offender reached inside with a waratah (heavy steel post) and struck the victim in the lower back.

The victim was treated in hospital, as the sharp end of the post pierced his skin causing further soft-tissue injuries.

Police are hoping to identify a person seen riding a motorcycle in CCTV footage through central Invercargill before the assault, as our investigation to date has determined the offender was wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark McCloy says: “This was an unprovoked serious assault using a weapon on a member of the public doing their job helping keep our roads safe.

“We’re hoping members of the community can help us with information which will track down the person responsible, as Police want to hold them to account.”

We’re asking people to please watch Ten 7 Aotearoa tonight, 7:30pm, TV2 – and if you have any information to share, please get in touch.


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