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Keep your property and belongings safe from burglars

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Please attribute to Hamilton City Area Commander Inspector Andrea McBeth: 

As we move into Alert Level 2, Hamilton Police would like to remind people to keep their property and valuables secure - even if you're at home.

In the coming days, more people may be returning to work and children will be heading back to school as we make the transition from Alert Level 3 to Level 2.  There are a number of simple measures that can be taken to keep your property safe.

Doors and windows left open provide a perfect opportunity for thieves to take items without being detected.  Even if you're at home make sure your phone, wallet, keys, cash and other valuables are secure and out of sight. If you're working in the garden or away from your front door, make sure your home is secure.

This is especially important for students and others in flatting or sharing situations.  Please hide your bikes, sporting goods and outdoor equipment as they are often easily seen from the roadside and can be popular for thieves. 

It may pay to have a household chat about locking-up to ensure that everyone knows what is required of them – such as keeping valuable items away from windows where they can be easily seen by passers-by.

Make sure your house is secure when you leave and alarms are activated.

We also urge motorists to ensure their vehicles are locked as we begin to travel more frequently to and from work. Park in well-lit areas and lock your vehicle when leaving it. It’s also a time to keep security measures in mind while at work. Simple measures like these can help ensure a secure transition into Alert Level 2.

Police offer the following advice to help keep your home and vehicles safe:

  • Lock your doors and windows
  • Record the serial numbers of expensive electronic items and photograph these and other valuables
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Install an alarm system, and get sensor lights fitted
  • Keep garden sheds and garages locked when not in use
  • Keep hedges or plants around doors and windows well-trimmed, don't give the burglar a place to hide
  • Join or form a neighbourhood support group. See here for more information:   

We urge anyone who sees anything suspicious to call 111. Further burglary prevention advice is available on the Police website.


Issued by Police Media Centre