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Media arrangements for the funeral of Blessie Gotingco

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Media arrangements for the funeral of Blessie Gotingco

 The funeral of Blessie Gotingco will be held at the St Mary's Catholic Church at 1pm on Thursday.


 The church is at 117 Onewa Road, Northcote.


 In consultation with the Gotingco family and St Mary's church the following arrangements have been made for media to attend;


-Large numbers are expected to attend and with limited room media are asked to please send no more than two representatives per organisation into the church.


-There is a mezzanine floor upstairs that is normally used by the choir that will be used for media. This is not a large area and though it can seat around 80 people, part of it will also be used by the public and so media are asked to be set up and in this section by no later than 12.30pm.


-No microphones are to be placed on or around the altar at the front of the church and there is no facility to plug into the sound system. Any audio, video or still images will need to be taken from the media area upstairs only.


-There is very limited car parking at the church and media are asked to please leave this for friends and family.


-The Gotingco family has asked that media do not approach them on the day of the funeral for comment.


-From now until Thursday, the church will be open and members of the public are welcome to come and pay their respects. Media are welcome to attend however the church has asked that anyone with a camera does not take photographs or video inside the church before the funeral on Thursday.


Many thanks 


Issued by Beth Bates/Waitemata Police