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Operation Maggie termination today - organised crime

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Police have today terminated Operation Maggie, an organised crime operation that began as a result of a number of shootings that have occurred throughout the greater Auckland area.  This violence occurred within the criminal community, a result of organised crime activity.


At least six people were shot between November 2012 and June 2013.  All required hospital treatment and Police have received limited cooperation. 


This morning, a team of over 100 Police executed search warrants at approximately 15 addresses throughout Auckland searching for firearms and drugs.  At this stage 18 people will be facing charges, ranging from participating in an organised criminal group, drug dealing, aggravated robbery, burglary, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, manufacturing methamphetamine, possession for supply of methamphetamine and precursor materials and attempting to defeat the course of justice as a result of this operation.


13 of those people were arrested this morning, with the other five arrested earlier in the operation.  In addition, a number of people are already in Police custody in relation to earlier offending and will face further charges.  A clan lab has also been located.  This group is linked to the Mangu Kaha chapter of Black Power.  It is expected that today's operation will have a major impact on this group's offending.


Today's termination is the result of a number of months' work by a joint team set up from the Auckland Central and Counties Manukau Police Districts and OFCANZ (Organised and Financial Crime Agency, New Zealand - a department of the New Zealand Police).


Detective Inspector Mark Gutry, Counties Manukau Police Field Crime Manager, says this is a great result in tackling organised crime in our community.


"This type of offending is responsible for considerable harm to the community.  We'll continue to target those involved in organised crime, gangs and drugs and expect that today's termination of Operation Maggie will have a significant impact on this group.


"The violence seen from this group will not be tolerated by Police and we will continue to make inroads into organised crime despite a lack of cooperation."


Counties Manukau Police have a dedicated organised crime unit that targets organised crime groups who cause harm to the community and profit from illegal activity such as the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine, robbery and a wide range of violent crimes.


Organised crime is a priority target for Counties Manukau Police and gang activity is taken very seriously.  Police maintain a proactive policing approach to any gang presence and activities throughout New Zealand.


A number of people will be appearing in the Manukau District Court today to face charges in relation to Operation Maggie.


Issured by Kimberley Mathews/Communications Manager, Counties Manukau

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