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Police acknowledge sentencing in historical Kaitaia sexual attack case

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Attribute to Detective Sergeant Mark Dalzell, Kaitaia Police:

Northland Police acknowledge the sentencing of Wiremu Abraham yesterday following a long-running investigation into a frightening rape incident in Kaitaia in 2003.

A female victim, who was aged 34 at the time, was disturbed by Abraham in her home while she was sleeping with her children, before she was then subjected to a disturbing sexual attack.

Detective Sergeant Mark Dalzell from Kaitaia Police, who headed the investigation at the time, says Police carried out extensive enquiries following the incident in 2003 but were unable to find a result for DNA evidence left at the scene by the offender.

Last year, 15 years after the incident, Abraham was arrested on an unrelated matter and his DNA was taken, which matched DNA recovered at the Kaitaia incident.

He was subsequently convicted on multiple charges relating to rape and indecent assault and was sentenced in the Manukau District Court to 8 years and 1 month imprisonment.

Detective Sergeant Dalzell says it is satisfying to finally get a result in this harrowing case and Police are pleased to finally be able to provide some closure to the victim.

“I have been a police officer for over 30 years and this was one of the unsolved cases that stuck in the back of my mind and I couldn’t let go.

“We promised our victim that we would not close the case and we were determined to eventually solve it.

“This was a shocking, targeted attack and crime like this are rare in our town. The community was really helpful and cooperative and they also wanted this offender caught and brought to justice.

“I want to acknowledge and thank the victim in this case for her support and cooperation. She has suffered significant mental trauma as a result of this terrifying attack and she has shown tremendous resolve through this time.

“I also want to acknowledge the efforts of the many Police staff who have worked on this case over the years,” says Detective Sergeant Mark Dalzell.

“We want offenders to know that we will continue to work hard on our unsolved cases and you will eventually be caught.”


Nick Baker/NZ Police