Wednesday, 25 January 2017 - 9:39am |
Auckland City

Police enforcing safe driver behaviour in Auckland City today

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In the lead up to the long weekend, Auckland City District Police are out to remind drivers that road safety is everybody’s responsibility.

“We are deploying different enforcement activities throughout the city today to ensure drivers are making smart decisions and driving safely,” says Senior Sergeant Rod Salt, of Auckland City Road Policing.

“Our key focus areas are those choosing to use their cell phone while driving and those driving above the speed limit, plus that everybody in the car is buckled up.”

“We will using this opportunity to remind drivers that even the simplest decisions made behind the wheel, like choosing to not wear your seatbelt, can have the biggest impact on not only your own life, but that of other people around you if you crash,”  says Senior Sergeant Salt.

“It takes just seconds for things to go terribly wrong. Make sure you switch your cellphone off, drive with care and patience, check your speed and always wear your seatbelt. That way, everyone will get to where they’re going this holiday weekend safely.”


Issued by the Police Media Centre