Thursday, 16 February 2023 - 4:20pm |
Counties Manukau

Police file more than 70 charges in investigation into alleged historical offending

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Police have charged three people as part of an investigation into allegations of historical sexual and physical offending, committed by a contracted care provider in Auckland.

Counties Manukau CIB began investigating after Oranga Tamariki notified Police in June 2021 around matters of concern with a contracted care provider operating within the wider south Auckland region.

Detective Inspector Shaun Vickers says investigators working on Operation Annalise have since spoken with more than 500 people.

Those males were identified as having been placed with the provider between 2002 and 2021, many of whom are now adults.

“Police have now reached a point in our investigation where we have filed charges,” Detective Inspector Vickers says.

“In recent days, Police have located and arrested three people within the Counties Manukau District. We have filed a total of 72 charges against all three at this stage of our enquiries.”

Those charged are a 72-year-old woman, a 33-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man:

• The 72-year-old has been summonsed on 43 charges, relating to 12 victims, those charges include 19 sexual offences, nine ill treatment offences and seven assault offences.

• The 33-year-old woman is facing 17 charges, relating to seven victims, those charges include 11 sexual offences and two ill treatment offences.

• The 33-year-old man is facing 12 charges, relating to eight victims, those charges include eight assault offences and two ill treatment offences.

The man was due to appear in the Manukau District Court this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the two women are expected to appear in the Pukekohe District Court on 21 and 22 February respectively.

As matters are before the Court, Police are limited in further comment around the alleged offending or the provider itself.

Police are also incredibly mindful of the privacy of the victims identified in our enquiries to date, Detective Inspector Vickers says.

"Our investigation team has been ensuring welfare is in place for those we have been speaking to, and we will continue to ensure there is appropriate support available moving forward.”

Police reiterate that the investigation remains ongoing and further arrests or charges cannot be ruled out.

"Police are encouraging anyone who might have information that may assist the investigation further to get in contact with us, or if they wish to discuss any matters relating to this offending,” Detective Inspector Vickers says.


Police have set up dedicated 0800 number for people to provide further information or discuss matters relating to offending under Operation Annalise.

Please call 0800 ANNALISE (0800 266 25473)


Jarred Williamson/NZ Police