Thursday, 9 December 2021 - 1:07pm |
Auckland City

Police to increase night-time presence in Auckland City in lead up to Xmas

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“Make your night out with your mates one to remember for the right reasons,” - that’s the message from Police to Aucklanders planning to head out and celebrate the festive season. 

Operation Summer is launching this week in the lead up to Christmas, with Police expecting large crowds of revellers heading into the city centre to drink and celebrate the end of the year with mates.

Senior Sergeant Mark Clayton from Auckland City Police says with hospitality venues such as bars and nightclubs reopened under the traffic light system, they are expecting Aucklanders to flock into town on Friday and Saturday nights.

“This is typically one of the busiest times of the year for Police, and while it’s called the silly season, we don’t want you or you mates acting silly and getting into trouble with the law.”

Every week in the lead up to Christmas, Auckland City Police will be deploying a large number of staff to patrol the streets around the CBD on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as other popular hangout spots in Auckland such as Mission Bay, to ensure that people are behaving safely, complying with any public liquor bans and to prevent any disorder.

“We want everyone to have fun, but we also need everyone to be responsible and look after their mates.

“We will be keeping a close eye on the festivities for any potential trouble and you can expect to see a noticeable increase in the amount of Police staff on the streets.”

Senior Sergeant Clayton says Police will also have a number of checkpoints deployed across Auckland to check that people aren’t drinking and driving and putting other motorists at danger.

“If you’re heading out for a night of drinking with your mates, please plan ahead of time, look after your mates and have a plan to get home safely - whether that’s an uber/taxi, a sober driver or even phoning your parents.

“Once you’ve finished your night out, don’t stick around town and instead head straight home. Intoxicated people wandering around town in the early hours is a recipe for trouble.

“It’s really important to look after your mates, if any of them are acting out or misbehaving, take them home so they don't get into trouble.”


Nick Baker/NZ Police