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Police Update: Protest Traffic Management operation

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Protest update

Police can now confirm that eight people were arrested during this morning’s operation at locations around the perimeter of Parliament. 
Seven people were arrested for disorderly behaviour and one for obstruction. 
Two of those arrested have refused to provide their details to police and remain in custody. 
300 police staff were involved in this morning’s operation, which started at 3.30am and concluded by 6.30am. 
The focus of police staff was ensuring the safety and security of the heavy truck and forklift operators who were placing concrete barriers at eight locations on the outer perimeter of protest activity. 
The first barrier was installed at Ballantrae Place, at the rear entrance of the Parliamentary precinct.
From there, staff moved swiftly to Hill Street near Guildford Terrace; and Molesworth Street near Pipitea Street. 
Barriers were then installed at two points on Mulgrave Street, at the intersections with Aitken Street and Kate Shepherd Place. 
From there staff moved on to Bunny Street, near the Victoria University campus, and Lambton Quay near Whitmore Street. 
The final barriers were placed at the intersection of Mulgrave Street and Lambton Quay. 
A large number of vocal protesters were present throughout the operation.  
Seven officers sustained injuries during the operation, ranging from scratches to an ankle injury.
Some officers also had human waste thrown over them by protestors. 
Deliberately infecting someone with disease is a serious offence punishable by 14 years imprisonment. Likewise attempting to do so attracts a significant penalty.
Police will be investigating and will hold to account those identified as responsible for these actions. 
We invite anyone with information about who is responsible to come forward.
Local residents and pedestrians will be able to move freely through the roadblocks. 
Protest vehicles will not be permitted through the barriers but are able to leave, and Police can confirm that several vehicles did leave the protest area following this morning’s operation. 
Police will continue to have a highly visible presence in and around the protest area, particularly at the start and finish of each school/work day.
Anyone abusing or intimidating members of the public can expect to be arrested, removed and face charges. 
Issued by Police Media Centre. 

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