Tuesday, 6 August 2019 - 10:01am |

Response to IPCA report on non-fatal shooting

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Police acknowledge the findings released today by the Independent Police Conduct Authority that the shooting of a man at Vinegar Hill Camp Ground in Ohingaiti, Manawatu, on 19 December 2018 was justified.

Police responded to reports of a man behaving erratically and threatening his partner with a sawn-off rifle. 

Local Police and the Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) were dispatched to the campground. 

During the incident the offender aimed the sawn-off rifle at Police. An officer then fired at the man, hitting him in the arm. 

The Authority notes that the officer who fired the shot believed the offender posed an immediate threat to another officer’s life. 

The Authority also found that Police armed themselves in accordance with policy, exercised appropriate control and command over the incident, and were justified in deploying a Police dog. 

Police Central District Commander Chris De Wattignar says the actions of the officer were in direct response to the life-threatening behavior of the offender.

“The officer was confronted by a violent individual and was put in a situation where they had no option but to use their firearm. This is the last step which any officer wants to take, however they responded appropriately to the situation.’ 

Police also note the Authority states that Police “followed appropriate post-shooting procedures and gave the man proper aftercare.” 

The offender later pleaded guilty to multiple charges in relation to the incident, including charges of using a firearm against a law enforcement officer.


Issued by Police Media Centre