Monday, 4 November 2013 - 5:30pm |
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"RoastBusters" investigation - update

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Waitematä Police investigating allegations relating to the group who call themselves the "RoastBusters" have spoken with two of the males involved this afternoon.

As a result of publicity around the case, one of the young men who previously declined to co-operate presented himself at a Police station early this afternoon. Another young man is also being interviewed by Police.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott says the investigation is making progress, but it is too soon to say if this development will result in any prosecution.

"We're grateful that the publicity around this case has enabled us to make further progress, and we hope to build on the work done by the enquiry team to potentially take us to the stage where we have enough evidence to build a case."

"We're aware that questions have been raised about why we didn't act to shut down the Roastbusters Facebook page. The page was left open for operational and tactical reasons, and whilst we acknowledge it was upsetting for the victims, it was being monitored for information or evidence that would assist our investigation."


Issued by Beth Bates/Waitemata Police

0274 752 518 

Media please note there is unlikely to be any further development tonight and if so this will be advised of via a media release.