Thursday, 5 February 2015 - 7:23pm |

Three men charged after an argument turns into a fight

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Three Ashburton locals have been charged after an argument between three flat mates and their visitor turned into a fight overnight.

Canterbury Police understand that alcohol had been consumed prior to the incident which left a 29 year old Ashburton man with head injuries allegedly caused when he was hit in the face and struck three times with a hammer.

The victim was taken to Ashburton Hospital for treatment and is now recovering at home.

Two local men aged 23 and 29 years old have been charged with assault and a 26 year old local man has been charged with injuring with intent to injure.  The three men have been bailed to appear in Ashburton District Court on 23 February 2015.

Police investigations into the incident are continuing.

Canterbury Police take any incidents of assault or disorder seriously and those responsible will be held accountable. Alcohol is a major contributor to crimes such as disorder, violence and sexual assaults. There is also a risk that when people drink excessive alcohol they may make poor decisions and end up becoming offenders or victims of crime or crashes. Canterbury Police urge everyone to moderate their drinking and look out for each other. 


Issued by:  Lisa-Marie Brooks, District Communications Manager, Canterbury Police District. Mobile:  021 942 404