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Two arrested for $100,000 burglary to Richmond, Christchurch address

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Baby items recovered

Please attribute to Detective Senior Sergeant Tania Jellyman, Metro Crime, Canterbury:

Police have recovered stolen property from a burglary in which over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) worth of property was taken.

Yesterday at 3pm, Christchurch Police executed two warrants at addresses in Shirley and Northcote in relation to a burglary at a Richmond address over the weekend of 6-8 January.

The property was stolen last weekend from the victim’s address, and included sentimental jewellery, irreplaceable photographs, laptops, electronics, passports, and other personal documents.

The burglars also took a nursery full of items required for a new-born baby.

A significant amount of the property was recovered from two properties thanks to information and help from our community, plus some extensive Police work.

It’s a timely reminder to make your homes as safe as possible to deter thieves. In addition to the usual precautions of locking all doors and windows, keeping valuables out of sight and recording serial numbers, as these victims did, it’s good to note that trusted neighbours can help too.

Keep an eye out for each other and let them know when you are away.  Helping each other by simply clearing each other’s mailboxes can be a way to deter burglars.

We are thrilled to be able to return the property to the victims and we want to acknowledge information received from members of the public which has helped us resolve this burglary.

Their information played a significant role in the swift arrests which enabled the recovery of the property.

A 24-year-old woman and 53-year-old man, both from Christchurch have been jointly charged with the burglary. They will be appearing before the Christchurch District Court today.

Call 111 in an emergency if something is happening right now, illegal or suspicious. If it’s already happened, you can provide information via the Police non-emergency number – call 105 or go online at

Waea atu ki 111 me he ohotata, e tū ana rānei tētahi mea taihara, hihira rānei i taua wā tonu. Mēnā kua pahawa kē, me tuku taipitopito mā te nama ohotata-kore a Ngā Pirihimana - waea atu ki 105, toro ki te ipurangi ki rānei


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