Sunday, 20 February 2022 - 5:53pm |
National News

UPDATE: Protest activity, Parliament grounds

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Police is strengthening its traffic management and road safety controls around the perimeter of the protest activity at Parliament and the policing of intimidating and abusive behaviour towards members of the public.

Police continue to prioritise maintaining the security of Parliament, the Courts and nearby university campus to allow normal services to continue.

Regular reassurance patrols of local businesses have been increased.

Staff have also been instructed to take a zero-tolerance approach to any abuse, intimidation, or violence against members of the public.

There will be an increased police presence around the protest area especially at the start and end of each school / work day.  Anyone abusing or intimidating members of the public can expect to be arrested, removed and face charges.

There were no incidents of note overnight or today although Police have today towed and impounded a vehicle after a complaint about burnouts yesterday.

Parked vehicles around the area swelled to approximately 2000 at its peak yesterday with about 800 of those illegally parked.  A small number of vehicles were towed from Thorndon Quay, Featherston St and Bowen St yesterday. In addition, Police and Council officers undertook ticketing activity for illegally parked vehicles.

Police wish to thank those moved their cars voluntarily, and those bystanders who helped to physically shift cars that were creating a road safety hazard.

Sky Stadium which was at capacity late yesterday afternoon was about half full today. Police are assessing the availability of this parking space which was intended to encourage those blocking existing streets, to relocate there.

Police engagement with key protest leaders has been positive over the weekend, with security and safety being the agreed area of focus.  Police will continue to work with them in good faith to resolve issues.

In the medium term, we will continue working to free up the networks and infrastructure of the surrounding areas to remove the burden felt by the Wellington public, by bringing the protest back within the parliamentary precinct, and ultimately within the lawful bounds of public protest action, acknowledging this may take some time.


Issued by Police Media Centre