Thursday, 11 January 2018 - 1:00am

Extra mana for graduation day

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Two Police employees who graduated from the University of Canterbury had the extra honour of being able to wear the Canterbury District Police taonga.

Shay Robinson, from the File Management Centre, received a double Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Arts (with a double major in Psychology and Sociology). Dr Sonia-Ingrid Marshall, Area Executive Officer, received her PhD.

Inspector Hirone Waretini, District Manager Māori, Pacific and Ethnic Services, says Canterbury District received the kākahu huruhuru, or feathered cloak, from Ngai Tūahūriri last year.

The kākahu – hand-woven by Taua Te Rahui Denny - was given the name Te Mana o te Pukeko mo ngā Pirihimana ki Waitaha, meaning ‘The Mana of the Pukeko for Canterbury Police’.

It has six panels of woven pukeko feathers representing Police’s six core values.

The top taniko border is the Police hat band design surrounding our tohu and crest. The bottom taniko border is the Police chevron surrounding the Hua Kiwi representing Waitaha, the first people to inhabit the South Island.

“The kākahu was woven for the position of the District Commander and its use is bestowed accordingly,” says Hirone.

“District Commander Superintendent John Price believes our employees who obtain degrees and doctorates and graduate should be able to represent the Canterbury Police and have the honour of wearing the kākahu.

“Shay and Sonia-Ingrid were as honoured to wear the taonga as the District is proud of them.”