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Miss Shaniqwa (second from left) and Lady Bubbles (third from left) stole the show - pictured here with Inspector Peter Cooper a
Our Police team (plus a couple of extras), - proud to support diversity and inclusion. Police staff top row from middle: Dispatc
Always time for a boogie with the New Zealand Army band.
Colourful faces of diversity
Furry faces of diversity...
the regal
...the unicorn-y...
...and the grumpy.
Inspector Peter Cooper, Sergeant Don Munro and District Commander John Price happy to support Christchurch Pride Week.

Christchurch Pride Week kicked off with the Colourful Cashel Pride Walk of Support.

Starting at the Bridge of Remembrance, around 200 supporters, led by the New Zealand Army band and a decorated tram, made their way down Cashel Street to show their support for our Rainbow communities.

District Commander John Price, Diversity Lead Inspector Peter Cooper and a team of Diversity Liaison Officers (DLOs) from Canterbury District and South Comms joined the march for diversity, equality and inclusion.

DLO Sergeant Don Munro says it’s important that NZ Police is visible at events like these. “We represent all facets of the community and, like the community, our Police team comes from all walks of life,” says Don.

“Taking part in Pride Week is a way to show our support and instil trust and confidence in the communities we represent.”

Peter agrees and says that embracing diversity is about everyone being able to be who they are. “It’s about us actually being human and allowing other people to be their true selves.

"It’s part of our Be First Then Do priority as well. To do the best we can, we all need to bring our best selves to work each day.”

Christchurch Pride Week runs until 29 June. Check the website for more.

DLOs are police officers and employees who act as a link and contact point between Police and Rainbow communities. They:

  • support victims of crime and provide crime prevention advice to Rainbow community groups
  • provide advice and support to colleagues around Rainbow who identify as members of Rainbow communities to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Find out more here.