Monday, 3 May 2021 - 3:48pm

'Rob the Cop' on the airwaves

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Constable Rob Stanton - Rob the Cop - hits the airwaves every Thursday.
Rob with Drive Show hosts Sandy, left, and Raghu.

With a shared passion for keeping the local community safe, Humm FM and Police Ethnic Liaison Officer Constable Rob Stanton joined forces.

Humm FM is a commercial radio station targeting our growing Indian community. Since its humble beginnings it has always been focused on giving back to the community. Every year, Humm holds a successful Christmas Radiothon - and last year the station donated truckloads of food and toys to The City Mission and Starship Hospital.

The station has long wanted to work with Police to help keep their community safe.

Their partnership began with Constable Neil Pimenta who, while working with Financial Crime, was invited to use the station as a platform to educate recent migrants about a serious immigration scam that had already claimed many victims.

But Roshila Prasad, Humm FM’s Managing Director, wanted to do more. She offered Police a regular weekly segment on the most popular drive show - no small gesture. Every 30 seconds of airtime measured in hundreds of dollars of possible advertising was a big sacrifice for a new radio station.

The partnership was handed to Rob - and seven years on, 'Rob the Cop' hits the airwaves every Thursday on Humm 102.6FM.

“The show helps educate listeners to embrace and uphold New Zealand laws," says Roshila. "Rob Stanton delivers weekly updates in a manner that is looked forward to by Humm FM listeners.

“He is widely recognised in the Indian community due to his pictures on Humm FM social media platforms. We also receive questions from listeners that are directed to Rob. He often guides them to the appropriate services that are available.”

The short, informative segments have covered a range of Police safety messaging: road safety; robbery prevention; the latest scams; changes in policing; and, of course, COVID-19 lockdowns.

“This work is important and cannot be underestimated,” says Rob.

“We know many of our recent migrants will not connect with mainstream New Zealand media. Through effective partnerships like this, we can reach some of our most vulnerable New Zealanders.

“Crime data shows that our recent migrants are particularly vulnerable to scams and, with many working in small businesses, they are also overrepresented as victims of robbery."

In his most recent broadcast, Rob the Cop addressed this issue, encouraging business owners to take advantage of the government’s fog canon initiative.

The project offers small business owners the chance to have a highly effective robbery prevention device installed for a fraction of the usual cost. It has already reduced victimisation for many businesses and will hopefully be taken up by many more.

Humm FM, which celebrated its 10th birthday this year, has been New Zealand’s number one Hindi FM Radio station since 2018 and has a huge following, including international students.

As the station’s popularity has grown, however, it has never lost its commitment to creating a safer community for all New Zealanders.

“HummFM is proud to be working with Police to help deliver valuable information to our Indian community,” says Roshila.