Tuesday, 12 September 2023 - 1:50pm

A Tiny problem

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Constable Sam Evans helping to comfort Tiny.
The saws used to cut tiny out of the kennel and the plastic they removed from around his neck.
Tiny tucking into some treats after his rescue, with part of his kennel still around his neck .

Staff from Counties Manukau South faced an unusual sight when they were called to help a dog with its head stuck through the roof of his kennel.

Tiny, a beloved pet and curious canine had somehow got his head wedged in the hole at the top of a 1000-litre Immediate Bulk Container (IBC) tank that had been converted into his very own kennel.

His owner got home on Friday to find him with his feet only just touching the ground. Terrified, she climbed inside to hold him up but then couldn't let go of him to get help.

After calling out and getting no response, she phoned 111.

Officers quickly located a garden shed and borrowed a couple of saws to cut Tiny free. FENZ arrived shortly after and assisted cutting off the remaining piece from around his neck.

Sergeant Phill Moody says everyone was pleased the ruff situation was resolved successfully.

"Tiny was thankfully unharmed and happy to be free. He gave the staff plenty of licks and cuddles to say thank you."