Case 3: Crime of the Week - Jasmine Wilson Homicide, Whanganui

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Case 3: Crime of the Week - Jasmine Wilson Homicide, Whanganui

  • Case 3: Crime of the Week - Jasmine Wilson Homicide, Whanganui
  • Case 3: Crime of the Week - Jasmine Wilson Homicide, Whanganui

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29th August 2019

Police in Whanganui are investigating the death of 30 year old mother Jasmine Wilson, who died in Wellington Hospital after she sustained serious non-accidental injuries.

At about 9:30am on Wednesday 31st July, Jasmine Wilson was taken to Whanganui hospital with critical head injuries, bruising to her head and all over her body. Because of the seriousness of her injuries she was transferred to Wellington Hospital for specialist treatment.  She never regained consciousness and died on Friday 2nd August, surrounded by family.

At about 9:20am on the 31st, a white Toyota Carib containing Jasmine drove from the Whanganui East area into the Whanganui Hospital car park and drove around for about 10 minutes before two other vehicles have entered the carpark. They were a black VW SUV and a blue Subaru Impreza, both driven from the Castlecliff area. They have then swapped the driver of the Toyota Carib and this driver has dropped Jasmine at the emergency department.

Police have spoken with the occupants of these cars but they don’t know if they were involved in harming Jasmine as they are not cooperating with the enquiry team. Police believe that there are other people involved in injuring her and they have information that there are people actively encouraging people not to talk to Police so that they can avoid detection.

Jasmine’s injuries were horrific and it was established that she had multiple bruises and fractures of varying ages all over her body indicating that she had been the victim of a sustained beating or beatings over a period of time.

Police are yet to recover Jasmine’s cellphone which is a Huawei Y6 (colour unknown) and they would like to hear from anyone who knows where it is.

Police would also like to hear from you if you have information about Jasmine’s movements leading up to Wednesday 31st July and they urgently need to hear from anyone who saw the three vehicles of interest before 9:20am on the 31st.

Jasmine was a much loved mother, friend and family member and Whanganui Police need your help to establish what happened to her and who it was that harmed her so please get in contact and remember your calls will be treated in confidence.