Case 6: Crime of the Week - Traceza Urlich Disappearance, Kaitaia

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Case 6: Crime of the Week - Traceza Urlich Disappearance, Kaitaia

  • smiling photo of Traceza Urlich who is disappeared.
  • map of where she has last sighted in Whangarei

Ten 7, Episode

24th October 2019
Police in Kaitaia are investigating the disappearance of Traceza Urlich, who has been missing since 4 February 2018. Police and her family have grave concerns for her safety.

Traceza left her flat on Matthews Street at approximately 8am, telling her flat mate that she was ‘going out for a bit’. She then made her way north to Awanui, then south to Cooper’s Beach, this was followed by trips to Mangonui, Kawakawa and finally to Whangarei where she was dropped to a bus stop at 5pm.

This was not uncommon for Traceza, as she lived a transient lifestyle, often hitchhiking to places, with family spotting her on their way and picking her up to make sure she was safe. Despite her constant travels however, she always returned home to her flat. Traceza was set to attend pre-arranged appointments in Kaitaia which she did not attend, this worried her family and they called Police.

Traceza typically didn’t travel with a cellphone, however, she would regularly use her bank accounts. These haven’t been accessed since she has gone missing.
When she disappeared, Traceza was described as wearing:
  • A yellow jacket
  • Dress
  • Sneakers
  • Walked with a distinctive limp 
She was also described as being quite chatty and would most likely have asked for cigarettes.
Kaitaia Police urge anyone with information about Traceza’s disappearance to get in contact.