Case 3: Crime of the Week - Bothamley Park Sexual Assaults, Porirua

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Case 3: Crime of the Week - Bothamley Park Sexual Assaults, Porirua

  • description of first assault on 8th May
  • description of second assault on 13th May
  • google map of Bothamley Park

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28th May 2020

Police in Porirua are investigating two sexual assaults that occurred in Bothamley Park in May.

On Friday 8th May at about 9:20am, the first victim had entered the park from the Champion Street entrance when she saw a male walking towards her veer off the track. The man reappeared through the trees, then began following the victim. The victim pretended to stretch and let the man walk past. Thinking he had gone, she started walking back towards her car. The man then started yelling sexually explicit words at her and he had his hands down his pants. The victim then ran back to her car.

Five days later on Wednesday 13th May at 9:45am the second victim entered the park via the Aotea entrance, and walked past a male fitting a similar description to the Friday incident. As she continued walking, she noticed the male behind her, so she waited for him to pass. After walking about 200 metres she was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. She got back up, but then the male exposed himself and indecently assaulted her. After which he appeared to be spooked by something and ran away.

The suspect was described as:

  • Male
  • Maori or Pacific Islander
  • Approx 18-22 years
  • 180-190cm / 5'10" - 6ft
  • Slim/skinny build
  • Wearing a green camouflage jacket with dark sleeves and a hood on both occasions.

On Friday 8th May the male was described as also wearing blue tracksuit pants, black hoodie and a red top underneath.

On Wednesday 13th May the male was described as also wearing black knee-length shorts, with black socks and black shoes.

Porirua Police would like to hear from anyone who may have any information that could help identify this man, including anyone who was in the park or in Porirua East on the days of the assaults.

Police are also appealing for any else who may have had a similar encounter in the Bothamley Park area to come forward.