Case 3: Crime of the Week - Meliame Fisi’ihoi Homicide, Favona, Counties Manukau

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Case 3: Crime of the Week - Meliame Fisi’ihoi Homicide, Favona, Counties Manukau

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19th March 2020

Police in Counties Manukau are investigating the tragic shooting of Meliame Fisi’ihoi during the early hours of Wednesday, 15th January on Calthorp Close, Counties Manukau.  

At about 2:45am, Meliame was watching television in her lounge while the rest of her family slept. Something has drawn her attention to the front lounge window. As she approached it, she was shot through the window. Police responded and on their arrival they found Meliame deceased at the scene.

Meliame was a much loved, church-going mother of seven, with three grandchildren. Even in such a big family, she knew how to make each one of them feel special. The news of her death has hit the family hard and they are now desperate for answers.

All police inquiries have revealed that Meliame was a hard-working mum and was not involved with anything illegal.

While the shooting took place early in the morning, there was quite a lot of traffic around. Anyone who was in the area at the time that may have seen something, is asked to contact police.

On the 4th of December 2019 at around 9:30pm, there was another incident at Calthorp Close. An associate of one of Meliame’s sons was shot outside the house. He has since recovered and police are not suggesting that the two incidents are in anyway connected, but the case remains unsolved. While the focus is on resolving Meliame’s death, police would still like to hear from anyone who might have information regarding that incident.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Counties Manukau Police so they can give Meliame’s whanau the answers they deserve.