Case 3: Crime of the Week - Mt Cook Sexual Assaults, Wellington

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Case 3: Crime of the Week - Mt Cook Sexual Assaults, Wellington

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  • map of Mt cook, Wellington where assault happened

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21st May 2020

Police in Wellington are investigating after two women were sexually assaulted at a Mt Cook property on Sunday 1 December 2019.

The women had been at a party on Tasman Street when they both went to sleep one of the bedrooms. At about 4am, an unknown male entered the room and one of the victims was woken on the bed by the pain of being sexually violated. She managed to kick him off and secure herself in a bathroom so she could call for help. While this was happening, the male moved onto the second victim sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom who also woke to the pain of being sexually violated and suffered a prolonged attack. She also managed to escape and with the help of other occupants, they removed the man from the address.

The suspect was not known to any of the house occupants or party guests.

Following a scene examination at the address, Police have uncovered a DNA profile of the suspect that matches the profile from an unsolved sexual assault in Auckland in 2016. This previous assault involved very similar circumstances where a vulnerable woman had been drinking in town and was woken by the pain of being sexually violated in the man’s car. She managed to push him off, escape and call for help. The suspect’s vehicle was described by the victim as an old Toyota Hilux Surf-style off-road vehicle which was dark in colour with a potential camo element.

The suspect was described as:

  • Male
  • Very dark complexion
  • Approx 170cm / 5'6"-5'7"
  • Slim build
  • Short dark thick curly hair
  • Narrow face
  • High bridge of his nose
  • Big lips
  • Lean muscular arms
  • Wearing a faded short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt coloured peach, yellow and orange

Wellington Police would like to hear from anyone who may have any information that could help identify this man.