CASE 3: Crime of the Week - Swanson Hit and Run, Auckland

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CASE 3: Crime of the Week - Swanson Hit and Run, Auckland

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13th August 2020

Police in Waitematä are investigating a hit and run incident in Swanson in July.

At about 6pm on Wednesday 15th July, a man with special needs was crossing Swanson Road towards the train station when he was struck by what police describe as a white station wagon. The victim’s been carried for a few metres by the vehicle before rolling off the bonnet and landing on the road. Though the victim may have been distracted while crossing, there is no way the driver didn’t realise they’ve hit someone. They failed to stop to ascertain injury and has continued down the road towards Waitakere.

The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for his serious injuries including fractures, a dislocated shoulder and grazes to his head.

While the driver may have believed they had a reason for not stopping, nothing justifies leaving an injured man on the side of the road.

Police believe the white station wagon involved would have sustained damage to the front of the vehicle. Someone in the Waitakere community will know who the driver is or have information that will help police.

If you have any information, please contact Waitematä Police.