CASE 5: Crime of the Week - Mahinawa Street Shooting, Porirua

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CASE 5: Crime of the Week - Mahinawa Street Shooting, Porirua

  • Burnt car on Mahinawa Street, Porirua
  • broken door by shotgun
  • broken window by shotgun
  • Google map of  Mahinawa Street, Shooting at Porirua
  • Google map of Mahinawa St,

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30th July 2020

Police in Porirua are investigating an alleged shooting on Mahinawa Street in late May. 

Around 2:00AM on Saturday 30th of May, the occupants of a house on Mahinawa Street were awoken by loud bangs and the sound of breaking glass. The female occupant looked out the window and has seen the neighbour’s car, which was parked outside their house, on fire.  She spotted a person closing the passenger side door of a silver or grey people-mover type vehicle.

Police have established that the alleged offender has walked right up to the property and shot at the house five times with a shotgun at close range. Shotgun pellets were found embedded throughout the home. As the curtains were drawn, and the front door was covered, there was no way of knowing who was being shot at inside the house. It was incredibly lucky that no one was seriously injured, and no children were home at the time.

The occupants have since moved out of the house. They don’t know why this has happened and are living in fear that this might happen again.

Police want to hear from anyone who may have seen the silver or grey people-mover or the two occupants inside, last seen driving south down Mahinawa Street towards Rangituhi Crescent.

There’s been a lot of planning that’s gone into this attack so someone out there must know something. 

If you have any information, please contact Porirua Police.