Case 1: Feature Case - Invercargill serious assault

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Case 1: Feature Case - Invercargill serious assault

  • Case 1: Feature Case - Invercargill serious assault
  • Case 1: Feature Case - Invercargill serious assault

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19th May 2022

At about 7pm on Friday 29th April, the operator of a safe speed van was parked on Dee Street when an unknown person threw a long steel rod (waratah) through the back of the van, seriously injuring the operator. This was terrifying for the driver who was taken to hospital and while there were no broken bones, there was serious soft tissue damage.

A witness confirmed they saw someone in a motorbike helmet walk from Thames Street onto Dee Street, approach the van with a steel waratah and attack the van. The person then returned back to Thames Street.

Police area enquiries revealed CCTV nearby where the van was parked. Footage shows a motorbike drive on to Thames Street intersection where the motorcyclist has gone around the corner to Dee Street on foot with a long object in their hand.

A nearby construction site confirmed a waratah was missing and a CCTV camera near the site shows a motorcyclist approaching the site and then doing a u-turn. Police have traced the rider to the Dee/Thames Street intersection where it has parked up.

Police have also uncovered further CCTV in town of a lone motorcyclist. They are not saying this is the attacker but they would like to speak to this rider as they may have valuable information.

The van driver was taken to hospital and fortunately is recovering from his injuries but he was terrified during the attack so police need your help to bring him some answers. If you know anything at all, please contact the case officer.