Case 2: Featured Case - Fergusson Drive Hit & Run, Upper Hutt

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Case 2: Featured Case - Fergusson Drive Hit & Run, Upper Hutt

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13th October 2022

Around 7pm on Saturday 10 September a vehicle heading south on Fergusson Drive made a right turn onto Milton Street and collided with an elderly gentleman.

The victim was lifted onto the bonnet and sent flying, landing on the ground. The driver of the car failed to stop. The vehicle continued to speed off on Milton Street as members of the public went to help the victim who lay bleeding in the middle of the road.

The incident happened so quickly that the only description available of the vehicle is that it is a late model, dark sedan. Based on the injuries inflicted on the victim it is believed that the vehicle will be damaged. Someone will have noticed this damage, possibly a neighbour, family friend or even the person who ended up fixing the car.

It is also believed that the driver will have shared their story and spoken about what happened to either loved ones or friends. Police urge the driver to come forward and talk to us.

Police are confident that the key to solving this also sits within the community and that someone will have vital information to help resolve this case and give some answers to the victim. If you recognise the damaged vehicle, have details it or the driver call now on 0800 10 7 INFO or speak to a case officer here.