Case 3: Feature Case - Cromwell Hit & Run

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Case 3: Feature Case - Cromwell Hit & Run

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2nd June 2022

Cromwell Police need your help to find a metallic blue double cab ute and its driver after an alleged hit and run incident in the town about 7.40am on Sunday, 23 January this year. 

Cyclist Colin was enjoying a bike ride into town when a ute cut the corner of Shortcut Road and hit him front on only a couple hundred metres from his home. Colin’s bike was smashed and he went over the bonnet of the ute and was left lying badly injured on the side of the road. He suffered damage to his knee, broken ribs, concussion, bruising and lacerations, which has impacted on his mental wellbeing.

While the driver didn’t stop to ascertain if Colin needed medical attention at the time, they can still come forward now to help Colin and the cycle-friendly community heal. If you are the driver we ask that you please get in contact and take responsibility for your actions that day.

The ute, probably an early 2000s model, also had alloy bars, large black mud tyres, tinted windows, a distinctive antenna on the back of the drop deck and a silver metal box in the tray.

If you have any information on who was driving  or the ute, please call now at 0800 107 INFO.